Inspiring Health Technology

  • Supporting patients and clinicians; strengthening relationships; improving healthcare.

    Software for health self-management and shared decision making.

  • Used in the NHS and internationally.

    Improving health outcomes. Supporting research and clinical trials.

  • A personalised digital treatment for every patient.

    Powerful insight for shared decision making.

  • Connected health data, controlled by the patient.

    Link to your wearables, sensors and health data stores.

What we do

  • We are leading the bright new future of digitally enabled healthcare through:

    • Supporting Self-management and Self-care
    • Promoting shared decision making

    Leading to:

    • Enhanced patient engagement
    • Improved medications adherence
    • Reduced hospital readmissions
    • Better treatment outcomes
  • We work with patients, clinicians, patient groups, charities and academia across the world to design, develop and deliver software that’s proven to work.

    We provide patients and clinicians with a personalised digital healthcare journey beyond the clinic.

  • Our team comprises Doctors, designers, computer programmers and business professionals.

    We focus on delivering evidence-based impact in everything we do.

    Our company rules are simple:

    “Do what’s best for patients; and their clinicians”

How We Do It

Our digital technology puts people at the heart of their care.

Through simple and engaging web and mobile apps, people track and monitor their health and choose to share their data with their clinicians, carers, friends and family members to improve care.

  • Safe, secure, cloud-hosted platform
  • iOS, Android and Web
  • 100% patient ownership of data
  • Customised for each patient group

Who we work with

  • We work with a range of public and private sector organizations to improve treatment outcomes.

    Our software is used in a range of Long Term Conditions (Parkinson's, diabetes, renal, rheumatology) and in Post-Operative care (heart failure, oncology, trauma rehabilitation).

  • We have been recognised by winning a number of awards including:

    cisco award
    nesta award
    sbri award
    smarta award
    real business
    unltd cabinet award

Better Health?

  • Health systems across the world are under increasing pressure. The demands are rising, but resources often can’t keep pace. One way to help relieve the pressure is for people to engage more in their own health. Taking greater control, ownership and responsibility for keeping well.
    Known as health self-management.

  • By keeping track, monitoring ourselves and managing our health, we build a rich archive of data. For the first time, this can give clinicians insight into how we’ve been doing between appointments, and new ways to engage more meaningfully. This process of helping clinicians take care of us is part of what’s known as shared decision making.

  • Today’s online technology has radically changed many other industries. This same technology can be harnessed to aid health self-management and shared decision making. This is best done through safe, secure, simple to use services that are personal and private. We believe digital technology will make a significant impact in the future of healthcare.

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We’re based in London (UK) and have a global outlook, working with partners from across the world.

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