Inspiring Health Technology


Beautifully designed software for health self-management and shared decision making.

Supporting patients and clinicians; strengthening relationships; improving healthcare.

Why Health?

  • Health systems across the world are under increasing pressure. The demands are rising, but resources often can’t keep pace. One way to help relieve the pressure is for people to engage more in their own health. Taking greater control, ownership and responsibility for keeping well.
    Known as health self-management.

  • By keeping track, monitoring ourselves and managing our health, we build a rich archive of data. For the first time, this can give clinicians insight into how we’ve been doing between appointments, and new ways to engage more meaningfully. This process of helping clinicians take care of us is part of what’s known as shared decision making.

  • Today’s online technology has radically changed many other industries. This same technology can be harnessed to aid health self-management and shared decision making. This is best done through safe, secure, simple to use services that are personal and private. We believe digital technology will make a significant impact in the future of healthcare.

Our Story

  • uMotif is a socially-minded software company helping people to lead healthy, engaged and independent lives through simple technology.

  • We aim to be part of the bright new future of digitally enabled healthcare. We work with patients, clinicians, patient groups, charities and academia across the world to design, develop and deliver software that’s proven to work.

    We believe it is essential to focus on on the needs of both patient and clinicians; putting people at the centre of our research, design and development process.

  • Our team comprises of clinicians, designers, computer software experts and business professionals. We pride ourselves on our socially-minded approach, placing the need for evidence at the heart of everything we do.

    We channel a proportion of our profits into academia and patient groups, and invest in other projects and services that make an impact in healthcare. For example, our free blood pressure testing service - Popup Clinic

Our Products

  • Our simple, engaging and beautiful software platform puts people at the heart of their care. Using our web and mobile apps, people track and monitor their health and choose to share their data with their clinicians to improve health outcomes.

    Our products are the result of a rigorous research, design and development process, working closely with patients and clinicians. Our tools are based on the power of simple daily self-tracking - one of the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy proven to help improve goal achievement.

  • The uMotif software platform is used for:

    • Self-management and Self-care
    • Shared decision making
    • Care planning
    • Enhanced patient engagement
    • Improved medications adherence
    • Lower hospital readmissions
  • Our technology is:

    • Safe, secure, and cloud-hosted
    • Available on iOS, Android and the Web
    • Based on 100% patient ownership of data
    • White labelled to our partner organisations

Partners & Awards

  • Our tools are currently being used in:

    • Long Term Conditions management - to improve medication adherence and record patient reported outcome measures
    • Post-operative care - to improve treatment outcomes, aiming to reduce readmissions.

    Our work in Parkinson’s is funded by the UK Department of Health’s Small Business Research Initiative. Press Release here

  • We’re focused on making a significant impact on the future of healthcare, working closely with patients and clinicians across the world.

    We’ve been recognised through a number of awards and were selected to join two UK Trade Missions to the USA and India.

Patient Groups

  • The uMotif software platform is designed for use by a range of patients. We work with clinicians in primary and secondary care to tailor our platform to each patient group, delivering precisely for people and their clinicians.

    Collecting evidence is a part of everything we do. We believe in the importance of proving how our tools improve care and support delivery. We’re working with a range of partners across patient groups in clinical, private and academic settings.

    Drop us an email if you are interested in working together:

  • Parkinson’s Disease

    Our first small-scale trial showed 70% daily use rates and an increase in medication adherence. A multi-centre trial in NHS hospitals across the UK starts in early 2014.

  • Diabetes

    We’re working across 4 NHS hospitals in the UK to support people with Type 1 and 2 diabetes and their clinicians. Through integration with Microsoft HealthVault, we’re connecting to a range of devices, and care planning applications.

  • Post-Operative Care

    Working with Barts and the Royal London Hospital orthopedics department, we’re helping people track, monitor and manage their recovery following surgery, providing surgeons with more data to help clinical care.

Contact Us

Please get in touch if you are interested in the work we are doing to make a positive impact in healthcare. We’re based in London (UK) but have a global outlook, and work with partners across the world.

or tweet us @umotif

We are building our team of talented and successful people who share in our vision and ethos. Please get in touch if you’re interested in being part of a fast-moving, socially minded company and have unique skills in programming, algorithm development, clinical and evidence-based care, or health sector sales and marketing.